2010 Midterms: The View From Beijing

Evan Osnos encapsulates the Chinese reaction to the election and the tea party:

Take “The Chinese Professor,” the political ad produced for the Citizens Against Government Waste, that depicts a Chinese lecturer, twenty years in the future, cackling over the red-white-and-blue and crowing, “now they work for us.” This might seem like prime red meat for China’s “angry youth,”and, indeed, it has attracted its share of predictable comments in that spirit“This sounds great! It’s going to be the reality,” as one Chinese commentator put it, on the video site Tudou. But after six days, in which the video has attracted 548,271 hits and four pages of comments, most Chinese viewers seem not to have the remotest idea that this ad is related to the election. (They have a point.) They are interpreting it as either 1) anti-Chinese propaganda put out by the U.S. government; 2) evidence that Americans are really scared of China’s rising power; 3) a nationalist video made by people who believe in the future of China.