"Looking Like It Could Be 53"

Josh Marshall updates us on the Senate side:

As of now the Democrats have 51 Senate seats in the win column. Alaska seems like a battle between two Republicans, with Lisa Murkowski the apparent winner, though with write-ins there's no telling. That leaves Washington state and Colorado. At the moment, Patty Murray is about 14,000 votes ahead and Michael Bennet is about 8,000 votes behind.

Silver explained why Bennet will probably win anyway. Josh continues:

If those both come into the Democratic column, it would mean that the Dems won each of the seats they were predicted to win. Basically, West Virginia, California and Washington, along with two they weren't -- Nevada and Colorado. What's got to be tantalizing for Dems is that they came pretty close in two other states -- Pennsylvania and Illinois -- but came up just short.