Who's Afraid Of Sharia Law?

In a post that runs through several of the ways that Pamella Gellar is an ignorant hate-monger, Jeffrey Goldberg does a particularly good job highlighting her most paranoid fear:

A Martian takeover of New Jersey is more likely than the imposition of a caliphate, or of Muslim law, on America, for any number of reasons, including: One percent of America's population is Muslim; within this one percent, a vanishingly small minority believes in the ideology of al-Qaeda, which propogates the idea of the restoration of the caliphate; a much greater percentage of American Muslims believes in interfaith dialogue (I know this from personal experience, having been invited to countless interfaith dialogue groups). Only a true paranoid could look at America as it is today and see the creeping takeover of Islamist caliphate ideology.

Amen. And no, I have not yet gotten around to addressing Jeffrey's latest pirouettes on the peace process or even his case for Israel launching World War Three, against the wishes of the US and eery other Western ally. But I will. And it won't be pretty. Civil, as befits a colleague I respect and a man I care about, but not pretty.