What People Want

E.D. Kain pines for better conservative journalism:

I would love a more reasoned, measured conservative journalism to take root – a Fox 2.0 that abandoned all the antics and dishonesty and stated its case for conservatism forcefully and cogently, but I’m not at all sure there’s a market for that – or at least a large enough market for that. And therein lies the rub: the point of Fox may not be to create an emotionally driven television station, but the market has spoken, and Beckian hyperbole is what the people want. And so it’s what the people will get.

One caveat: the Fox audience includes many people who aren't in on the joke that the network's hosts aren't always speaking in earnest. O'Reilly camp, like Coulter camp is just that, at times - like Lou Dobbs' erstwhile man-of-the-people schtick. People don't actually want to be misled about reality by entertainers who pose as journalistic guardians of their best interests, but that is what's happening.