VFYW Superfans, Ctd

Only the most crazed followers of the weekly contest need continue. A reader writes:

VFYW League Members -

The 9-week regular season has come to a close with Krakow, Poland. As with the other times the VFYW Contest has been from Europe, all the matches were very close (except for T's hail-mary New Zealand pick):

R (Munich 395 miles away) beat T (Christchurch, NZ 11,111 miles away)
N (Berlin 224 miles away) beat S (Riga, Latvia 425 miles away)
J (Warsaw 111 miles away) beat A (Prague 210 miles away)
Myself (Prague 210 miles away) beat H (Maribor, Slovenia 380 miles away)
C (Budapest, Hungary 293) beat The C (average distance 1,633 miles away)

In the two key matches impacting the playoffs, J beat A in an extremely close match and C knocked The C out of the playoffs (and closed out a four game losing streak for The C after a 4-1 start).

Here are the final standings for the regular season:

Standings   Name (w/l record)    Total Distance    Points    Closest Guess
1st*              M  (6-3)                        22,463                12                    0
2nd*            R  (5-2-2)                     32,187                 12                   0
3rd*             H  (5-4)                        20,384               10                   72
4th*             C  (5-4)                         26,206                10                   88
5th*             J  (5-4)                          31,886               10                    3
6th*             S  (4-4-1)                      10,703                 9                     0
7th               N  (4-5)                         14,877                 8                     2
8th               The C  (4-5)                 24,529                 8                   285
9th               T  (3-6)                         49,076                6                    369
10th             A  (2-6-1)                      26,495                5                      0

2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss - total distance is the tiebreaker

Top six qualify for the playoffs - R and myself have first round byes and the 3rd and 4th team have mileage spreads in the first round.  Here is the playoff picture for next week.  Note - everyone still makes picks for the sake of season long stats and good old-fashioned pride.

First Round (10/23):

1st seed - BYE (M)
4th seed (C minus 750 mile spread) vs. 5th seed (J)
3rd seed (H minus 1,500 mile spread) vs. 6th seed (S)
2nd seed - BYE (R)

Semi-Finals (10/30):

1st seed (M minus 1,500 mile spread) vs. winner of 4th vs. 5th week one match
2nd seed (R minus 750 mile spread) vs. winner of 3rd vs. 6th week one match

Championship Match (11/6):

Winner of match one vs. Winner of match two (no spread)

As I said in the beginning of the season, there's no Price is Righting for the mileage spread playoff rounds as the person with the spread could simply pick a city within that spread and guarantee victory.  The way the picking will work is that everyone in a playoff match (except the Championship) can only pick once.  The person with the spread (in round one this is C and H) must make their pick first - preferably by Sunday night.  Once they've made their pick then their opponent can make their pick (and obviously this should be further away than the mileage spread).  For scoring, C and H's distances will be the actual distance minus their mileage spread, even if this ends up being a negative number. 

Just fyi, I cut the original spreads for the second round matches to equal the #3 and #4 seed spreads - the 4,000/2,000 mile spread seemed too high - the biggest benefit for the #1 and #2 seed should be the first round bye.

IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Names have been shortened to first letters for anonymity's sake.)