Typical Teen Prank Or Hate Crime?

A reader writes:

Something has been really bothering me about the coverage about the student who killed himself after being filmed kissing another guy. Straight male high school and college students do this to each other a lot without it resulting in suicide, the only difference being the guy getting filmed is hooking up with a girl.  It's even in a famous scene in American Pie, which is about as mainstream as it gets.  This is not some shocking event that "would not have happened unless he was gay," as some Rutgers students are claiming and as the media are covering as if it were fact.

I feel awful for the student who died.  I was really happy to hear about Dan Savage's project to help LGBT teens feel less isolated.  But it's crazy that people are holding the roommate responsible for this kid's death. It was typical bad teenage judgment. If a straight man killed himself over it, the question would have been, "Why did he kill himself?", not "How could you drive him to suicide?!"

Jim Burroway finds that evidence of a hate crime is thin:

While references to Tyler’s sexuality appear on tweets that Ravi posted to his Twitter account, none of them use anti-gay epithets or indicate overt hostility toward Tyler’s sexuality at least what we know so far of Ravi’s postings so far. Demonstrating that Tyler was singled out specifically because of his sexuality in a court of law may prove difficult, unless prosecutors have found further evidence that they haven’t made public yet. ...

Either way, invasions of privacy are felony offenses.