Toast Or Roast: Stephen Bainbridge

There is much to admire about Andrew and The Daily Dish. He's always been great about highlighting lesser known bloggers (like your truly). He writes better than just about anybody I know. And (with the possible exception of the Trig Palin issue), his political instincts are outstanding. He was one of the first major conservative pundits to realize what a disaster George Bush was for the conservative movement (I think I beat him to the punch on that one, but if so not by much). He knew from the start that torture and an American gulag were inconsistent with conservative values.

Today, Andrew is leading the fight to oppose those who are trying to morph conservatism into populism. Russell Kirk wrote that "Populism is a revolt against the Smart Guys. I am very ready to confess that the present Smart Guys, as represented by the dominant mentality of the Academy and of the Knowledge Class today, are insufficiently endowed with right reason and moral imagination. But it would not be an improvement to supplant them by persons of thoroughgoing ignorance and incompetence." Andrew, I think, would say much the same. And he would be right.

Read Stephen at Professor Bainbridge.