Toast Or Roast: S. Abbas Raza

The Daily Dish is by far the best of the blogs that I often disagree with but still can't help reading regularly, and I think that has to do with an amazing thing that Andrew has achieved: perfect pitch in his blogging voice. He is sometimes combative, but not rude; at times polemical, but not strident; persuasive, but never maudlin; in short, he has a achieved a tone which is very difficult to project on a blog: that of reasonableness and good humor.

Congratulations to Andrew on reaching this milestone and thanks to all whose efforts go into producing as irreplaceable a resource on the web as The Daily Dish. For just his coverage and support of the green movement in Iran in the months following the 2009 Presidential elections there, Andrew deserves some sort of prize, and for that and for much else he certainly has my deep respect. Happy birthday, Daily Dish!

Read Abbas at 3 Quarks Daily.