Toast Or Roast: Reader T.H.

As a somewhat regular reader for over nearly ten years, I can attest to the evolving look, nature and political philosophy of The Daily Dish. Its initial years were characterized by a strong conservative bent that has evolved in more recent years to what might be described as a mix of the philosophies of Chairman Mao and Ho Chi Minh...but with a dash of the good old Burkean spirit.

Some of the newer "features" of the Dish required some adjustment to at least this reader's point of view. For example, the new Dish seemed to contain a lot of posts having to do with "Bears." Because of the somewhat pseudo-sexual nature of the posts, I initially, interpreted this as a sign that Andrew had also evolved, in this case away from an attraction to one subset of Homo sapiens to some form of bestiality. Fortunately, it soon became clear that "Bears" merely referred to overweight, aging and hirsute men!

In any event, whatever the philosophy and look of The Daily Dish, I am confident that it will continue to arouse the passions and hold the interest of its readers for many years to come. Congratulations on completing the first ten years!

For a far more indicative look at T.H.'s daily denouncements, read here. Money quote:

Your initial post and your response to this reader represent a new low in your dementia-infested mind.