Toast Or Roast: John Cole

John Cole toasts and roasts:

Andrew is having his ten year anniversary of blogging, and asking people to roast or toast. I’ll choose neither, and stick to what blogs do best, which is navel-gazing.

Like many of you, I have a love/hate relationship with Sullivan’s blog. Some days, I’m ready to throw my monitor out the window- especially on days where he links to glibertarian economic analysis that has been debunked hundreds of times, yet he buys into it and calls it “interesting.” Other days, I’m standing up cheering, thrilled that he is standing up for something (I think we can all agree he has been a solid voice from the right on torture). And then the next day, I’m back to wanting to chuck my computer monitor out the window again, when he decides that the real villain in the gay rights debate is… the Human Rights campaign. Or wondering what exactly he thinks he is accomplishing changing the color of his blog to show “solidarity.” Changing the color of your blog to show solidarity with people who are going to get killed for their actions is slacktivism and wanking at its best. And then, the next day, he rips far and wide into the fraud that is the modern GOP. He gives me whiplash every time I open his blog.

But that is neither here nor there, really- because what really matters with a blog is whether or not it is interesting. And I think Sullivan is always interesting, he always writes with a personal touch, you know how he is feeling (even when it drives you insane), and he’ll never shy away from a fight. In addition, the traffic he (along with Kos and others) sent to this blog really made it what it is. A lot of you would not be readers here if it were not for Sully- you know who you are. And he has always been respectful and pleasant to me.

So here is a roast and a toast for Sully - happy tenth. I’m still a fan.

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