Toast Or Roast: Jim Burroway

If it's not too late....

I started my web site exactly five years ago next month. Funny thing is, I thought I knew what blogs were: vacation pictures, personal rants and obsessions, rumors, sharing likes and dislikes as if they mattered to anyone -- you know, like Andrew's blog. And as I announced in my very first post, I had no intention for my site to become any thing like that.

But web sites, whatever you want to call them, are curious things, and the first thing you learn is that if you're really paying attention you don't get to tell your web site what it will be. It tells you, through the interactions and relationships you build with your readers. And Andrew's blog is, I think, the finest example of that. It's not just about Andrew, but the multilateral conversations that we all are having. If you run a web site, you either converse, or you pontificate, and if there's one thing we've learned in the past fifty years, it's that nobody pays attention to pontiffs.

So happy anniversary, Andrew. And my blog-widow partner sends his condolences to yours.

Read Jim at Box Turtle Bulletin.