Toast Or Roast: Ezra Klein

I never thought a blog would make me feel old. Blogs are supposed to be new. Young. But congratulations to the Daily Dish, which has done it. It is, to be sure, just one of the Dish's many firsts.

As a professional blogger who came after the Dish, my main debt is not to what you've blogged, but how you blogged. The value of reader e-mails, of simple quotations, of dissents, of regular features. And then, later, the realization that a blog was much like a magazine, and it could be improved by the addition of staff, and could be bettered by specialization. In fact, it was the organizational structure of the Dish that gave me the idea to bring on Dylan Matthews and create Wonkbook. My exact pitch to the editors was "I want to do for economic and domestic policy what Andrew Sullivan does for Andrew Sullivan's brain." They bought it, in part because they enjoyed what Andrew Sullivan has done for Andrew Sullivan's brain. Now, if only I could convince higher-ups of the value of taking August off...

Happy 10th, Dish.

Read Ezra at his eponymous blog.