Toast Or Roast: Austin Frakt And Aaron Carroll


Why I love Sullivan: It's simple. Any fan of evidence-based policy is on the good team. Why I hate Sullivan: That's simple too. He sniffs out so much of interest each day that reading him dramatically lowers my own blogging productivity. I come for the Dish and stay for the full-on, news-you-can-use, feeding frenzy.  Keep it flowing, Andrew!


Why I love Sully: he's the blogger's blogger. I trust his opinion, and his take on things, more than any others'. It's not because I always agree with him, but because I know he's always thought through his beliefs. I've seen him change his mind, and not apologize for it. That's far too rare and makes him irreplaceable.  Why I hate Sully: he makes it look too easy, he knows too much about too much, and he makes the rest of us look bad.

Read Austin and Aaron at The Incidental Economist.