Toast Or Roast: Adam Ozimek

Ozimek toasts:

Andrew Sullivan, Patrick Appel, Chris Bodenner, Conor Friedersdorf, and Zoe Pollock are celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Daily Dish, and I just wanted to say a quick congratulations and thank all of them, and especially Andrew, for so many years of great blogging. I am a fickle blog reader, and there are few blogs I always read, but the Dish is one of them.

Some of my favorite moments are back and forth between Andrew and Sam Harris, and of course his tireless coverage of Sarah Palin and the Green Revolution in Iran. These  last two highlighted what I think is one of the Dish’s greatest values, which is the creative ways they democratize blogging by providing a voice to their readers and highlighting the interesting ideas of other bloggers; being a good listener is a rare skill in the blogosphere.

More than anything else I read the Dish because it feels like an earnest and thoughtful debate. I would be remiss not to thank them for linking to us here at Modeled Behavior and making us part of that debate, which for me has been one of the biggest thrills of blogging. 

Read Adam at Modeled Behavior.