The Military Thugs Of A Potential Senator

You want to know what the future is, if the Palinites gain more power? Watch this video made by the Anchorage Daily News. These sinister goons are not only handcuffing and intimidating reporters and bloggers, but two of them have been revealed as active duty military personnel:

Can you imagine what the right-wing blogosphere would be saying if a Democratic Senatorial candidate not only barred bloggers and reporters from asking questions at a campaign event, but hired military personnel to handcuff and sequester them - and other journalists? If this doesn't wake people up, what will? And for the record, here are Palin's tweets about Miller, before he refused to declare her obviously qualified for president:

Please check out this great all-Alaskana video by my friend Joe Miller who is the commonsense conservative running...

Joe Miller is Ready to Win for Alaska! Vote for our pro-Constitution, pro-life, pro-private sector candidate Joe Miller for U.S. Senate!

Wow! What dfference betwn candidates'worldview! I'll post KAKM Senate debate,you'll see who'll serve AK for right reasons&protect Constitutn

Sarah and Todd signed this Facebook plea for funds:

Joe’s campaign needs to raise about $30,000 for a crucial final media buy. We can do it if we all pull together. Please go to Joe’s website at and donate to his campaign. Let’s raise $1,000 for each of the 30 years this senate seat has been locked in by the Murkowski family. The only way for our state to reach its potential, and to save our country, is to elect reformers who will fight for Alaska and all America and will stand up against the liberal Washington agenda. --Sarah and Todd Palin

After he won, she tweeted:

Do you believe in miracles?! Congratulations, @JoeWMiller!

Joe Miller could well be in the Senate next January. Do what you can to stop him.