The Lost Catholic Church In America, Ctd

A reader writes:

I wonder what percentage of these "Lost" Catholics feel like I do, that we did not leave the Church, but rather, the Church left us. I believe every single word of the Creed and I believe in transubstantiation and in the Immaculate Conception and pretty much every important article of faith in the Catechism. I don't believe in intolerance and hate because that's not the path that Jesus sets out for us in the Gospels. But I found more and more that the Church was increasingly intolerant and hateful towards any number of groups when they should be leading the call to love our neighbors.

I hung in for a long while, thinking that fighting from within was the way to go, but I ultimately realized that it was damaging my relationship with God and my relationship with myself and I felt no choice but to leave. It was never the faith I had trouble with. I know this is true for many people I've talked with, including several members of my family. It was not a decision any of us made lightly.