The Dish At Ten: Jonathan Bernstein

Jonathan joins the party:

I do remember very well what the world was like for political junkies before the Daily Dish, and it pretty much stunk compared to the world now.  Then as now, there were plenty of long-form articles and essays.  But intelligent political conversation?

I remember when I first watched Crossfire on CNN when it was new, and thinking it was more intelligent than whatever else was available (no, really.  Not joking)..  People watched the McLaughlin Group because it was more entertaining than other political shows.  And then Sullivan and Kaus showed up, and as far as I was concerned most TV talk shows became instantly obsolete.  They weren't nearly as intelligent or entertaining as the blogs. And then, the blogs got better, and Andrew Sullivan deserves a lot of credit for that, too.

So from Plain Blog, a hearty Mazel Tov to the Daily Dish, and I hope to be reading it for a long time to come.