The Dish At Ten: Grant Gallicho

Is he doing this for free? So wondered the crass capitalist in me when I started soaking up Andrew’s daily musings, genre-benders, analyses, hiccups, tours de force. Then: When does he eat? Then: When do his dogs eat? And occasionally: Are they ghostwriting for him? Much of the time I read in awe of his output. But most of the time it’s simple admiration for his pit-bull persistence, his moral compass, and his catholic range of interests. We don’t always agreefor example, I believe Trig Palin is animatronicbut isn’t that the point? I don’t tune in to have my opinions reinforced. I visit the Dish for the same reasons everyone else does: to be challenged, to laugh, to learn, to nod, and to get my back up. And, of course, to reinforce my embarrassment over not being able to grow a real beard. Here’s to the past ten years of showing the rest of us how to blog, Andrew.

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