The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew pressed the Catholic church to embrace gays and the special cross of suffering they bear. Andrew defended Obama's "Kenyan rage" at Wall Street and healthcare companies against D'Souza, and wished for a Tory-like Tea Party: "socially centrist, fiscally badass."

Readers attacked Andrew's meager defense of Glenn Beck, Douthat dug deeper on defense spending, Rand Paul went back to loving Medicare, and Drum wondered if Republicans were just blowing smoke on repealing health care reform. Chait questioned the National Review's support of Romneycare in 2008 versus what they'd say today, and Silver dissected the enthusiasm gap. Joyner joined Schwarzenegger in predicting Obama's second term, Ben Smith scooped the story on the Palin model of endorsements, and while Palin is no Thatcher, Claire Berlinski just about called her candidacy for president a case of "mass psychosis."

Kinsley echoed Silverstein on intellectual dishonesty in D.C., Howard Kurtz killed Silverstein's will to report, and then got promoted at the Daily Beast. Autotranslate amazed Goldblog, the Tories weren't fiscal frauds, and Rufus F. appreciated the culture wars because culture matters. NOM sought revenge on Iowa's judges, and 4.2 percent of men are gay. Life got better for Tim Gunn, and Phoebe Maltz remained hesitant to complain about the portrayl of Jewish women. John Cole explained how we create terrorists, and prosecutors break laws too. Size does matter and explains why California will legally lead the way with marijuana.

Monty Python took Jesus Christ out, John Scalzi voted for smart yogurt, and not counting emotional attachments, pot wasn't worth more than gold. Headline of the day here, VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, and map of the day here.