The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, the Log Cabin Republicans trapped Obama on DADT, Andrew butchered Paladino's perverted speech and Steinglass thought he just blew his chances. Andrew reminisced about the past ten years of blogging and apologized again for his "fifth column" remarks. For the anniversary he appeared on Charlie Rose, and readers offered their two-cents.

Sarah Palin wanted war with Iran and she rehabilitated the odd lie about the death panel that is out to get her family. Andrew prodded Obama to fight the fiscal fight, and Ilya Somin doubted a burqa ban could stop radical thoughts. Goldblog shot down Pamela Gellar's obsession with a Muslim takeover, we analyzed the semantics of calling people "illegals," and Tim Cavanaugh mocked politicians who promise things they can't deliver. Democrat Joe Manchin took a rifle to cap and trade, and Beinart patted down Obama's new national security adviser Tom Donilon. Dan Savage asked Valerie Jarrett to put her money where her mouth was at the HRC dinner, and Benjamin Dueholm wagged his finger at Savage for attacking all Christians for the sins of a few.

Will Wilkinson wanted more rules for government's oversight of the economy, and James Poulos didn't know who was going to offer up undergoing the pain of fiscal conservatism. John Carney tracked the banks' inability to trace their own steps in the mortgage debacle, and Tyler Cowen targeted systemic economic biases. Readers ignited a debate over how bad pot is for teenagers, Balko attacked Woodrow Wilson, and the GOP's reluctance to admit the truth about climate change was preventing the world from fixing it. Canadians don't travel to the U.S. for health care, British conventions are small affairs compared to their American counterparts, and water in a box didn't master the tap yet. We stared at Hot Guys on Judge Judy, Ebert and O'Hehir went at it over a horse movie, and women had a role in creating Facebook, even if the film doesn't portray that. VFYW here, MHB here, FOTD here, Yglesias award here, correction of the day here, and the VFYW contest winner #19 here.