The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew shook his head at the evolution of Goldberg on Israel. Paladino apologized but Andrew was unimpressed. We relived Paladino saying that gay marriage is like Hitler, while Valerie Jarret just blamed teenage suicides on a "lifestyle choice." Jonathan Chait and Matthew Yglesias toasted the Dish and Andrew treated himself to a a classic Trig relapse.

Andrew sighed over lazy legislatures and the culture that reelects them, whereas Matt Continetti and Matt Welch duked it out over tax cuts. The war raged in the air over Afghanistan, and Andrew condemned the right's inablitity to wake up to the realities of tax rate hikes. Andrew jumped in on Dana McCourt's disdain for the term illegal immigrant and we rounded up opinions on insider trading by congressional staffers.

Serwer bemoaned the left's drug attacks on Rand Paul, McCain didn't think he was pandering, and politics pimped itself out for paid speeches. Josh Green profiled Ron Paul in the new issue and Andrew believed his integrity, at least. Huckabee may be the biggest contender for 2012 according to Obama's folks, and Sarah was looking ever more stoppable.

Yglesias examined the Dutch marijuana model, and a child psychiatrist responded to readers about teenage pot use. Self-driving cars could speed up the electric car revolution, Aaron Sorkin somewhat clarified the female computer nerd conundrum, and for former bullies, It Gets Worse. An anniversary/ apnea recap of the view from your CPAP here, map of the day here, VFYW here, MHB here, quote for the day here, Google time sink here, creepy ad watch here, FOTD here, and beards in sports here.