The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew commended Dafna Linzer's reporting on the blurred lines between classification and deception, and juxtaposed Rick Hertzberg's left with his right. Andrew called the Tea Party on their executive power hypocrisy, and a reader felt jettisoned by them in general. Andrew weighed in on Rand Paul's "anti-Christian" satirical brotherhood, O'Donnell didn't know her First Amendment, and the internet (and reader) moshpits went at it over Andrew's definition of "successful."

Will Wilkinson thought Obama might be sacrificing young voters on DADT and the drug war, but Scott Morgan disagreed. Chris Good inquired about commercial cannabis sales, California's major newspapers wimped out over Prop 19, and we looked at 46 tons of burning bud. Justin Logan challenged the Defending Defense people to a debate, early voting was under-developed, and Bush II wasn't ambitious enough. Carly Fiorina had a magical budget plan, we learned journalists can smear some groups and barely apologize, and Palin may have already peaked.

Most of Americans' friends existed on television, and Adam Ozimek foresaw a future of computers connected to our brains. Homer and Bart were officially Catholics, and Limbaugh was officially a parody of himself. The Rent Is Too Damn High Party would let you marry a shoe, and The Social Network nailed every t-shirt Zuckerberg ever owned. Belgrade had a curious cure for homosexuality, and readers updated GLBT to the new and yummier sounding BLT. The jart touched many lives, humans played with bikes, the media made miners better men, and we compensated teachers in a crazy way. Pirates were winning, police didn't always appreciate whistleblowers, Sarah Palin hates puppies, and C-SPAN had a lovers' spat.

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