The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Dan Choi re-enlisted. Andrew pushed back against Walter Russel Mead and Goldblog on Israel, and on Ross for lowering his expectations on the GOP establishment and the Tea Party. Farhad Manjoo tracked the blogazine's rise while we lived it, and this reader tried to balance the right and the left. Frum preached compromise and Andrew urged conservatives to be realistic (when imagining a world where McCain had won). Andrew picked apart Obama's stealth tax policy, and we hoped it wasn't true about his visit to India.

France and Britain joined forces to blow Bagehot's mind while saving money on defense, and we rounded up opinions on what the UK's defense cuts meant for the U.S. Scott Horton reported on Obama's secret prison in Afghanistan, albinos were still in trouble in Tanzania, and aid money engendered the need for more aid money.

Hillary Clinton believed It Gets Better, to the consternation of some in the gay community, while Adam Serwer wondered if DADT was going to be Obama's Prop 8. Daniel Larison made the constitutional argument for church and state that O'Donnell was incapable of making, and 9/11 terrorists never attacked Texas. Rand Paul slipped down on Rasmussen, and Charlie Cook predicted a counterwave to this election's wave. DePaul University curbed their students' cannabis policy group, and the drugs and states rights battle escalated in California.

Bristol Palin danced in a gorilla suit, painters lied about how pretty Venice is, and the Rent Is Too Damn High went the way of the meme. DVR killed the political ad, supply killed the demand for prostitutes, and lots of people drop their cameras. Malkin award here, Yglesias awards here and here, view from your CPAP here, more BLT community names here, VFYW here, more on the "successful" here, email of the day here, dissents of the day here, MHB here, and FOTD here.