The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew sized up Britain's budget cuts and replied to Rick's response on inequality and the dying middle class. British defense cuts could precede our own, and even McCain's former policy advisor applauded them. Al-Sadr switched up the chess game in Iraq.

We talked bigotry on air with the firing of Juan Williams, and Andrew wasn't going easy on him, Fox News, or those who came to his defense. Andrew relished Jonathan Martin's Palin expose two weeks before the midterms, Nate Silver measured the electoral wave, and a political ad unsettled Ozimek. George Packer mulled liberalism, and a reader changed Andrew's mind on Palin-Nixon parallels. Andrew joined the defense of hipsters and hippies, and connected them to the truly religious.

Scott Morgan laid the smackdown on the LA Times, Reason interviewed Prop 19's supporters and opponents, drug busts don't affect prices, and the polls tightened. Yglesias urged the scandalous to stick around, Greenwald gutted the defense of Miller's "bodyguards," and we hailed Tyler Cowen as an economist. The DADT ruling was stayed, and Ben Adler annihilated Obama's argument that only Congress can allow gays to serve.

TNC weighed the benefit of fighting when young, with the bad of fighting as an adult. Kinsley summoned the best defense of buck-raking there is, the Dish became a "mixed regime," and this quote made William F. Buckley roll in his grave. Megan learned no one owns a city, and police officers chilled out because of surveillance. FOTD here, headline for the day here, Nick Carr bait here, quote for the day here, VFYW here, MHB here, map of the day here, and skinny CPAP views here.