The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew continued to delve into the difference between liberals and conservatives. TNC pwned Saletan on the Sherrod analogy, and Fallows eloquently defended NPR. Andrew lent some historical perspective to Silver's predictions, Larison's were here, and Kaus wanted a "none of the above" option on ballots. Reihan corrected the record on his fiscal proposals, Ross put TARP into perspective, the birthers were still at it, and a reader wondered if Obama should pardon Bush.

We tracked Prop 19 and cannabis across the country, Margaret Haney myth-busted addiction rates, and TNC and Cynic mulled over the Culture Of Affluence. President Lincoln slept with a man, a reader defended anti-bullying bracelets, and the Washington Times fear-mongered on DADT. Around the world, we saw drug war torture in Tijuana, David Rieff skewered the status quo on global aid, and microfinance money didn't always end up where we expect. Stephen Walt took us down a notch on Mission Accomplished, the NYT still won't call it torture, and Wikileaks wasn't helping politicians much in Iraq.

Elsewhere, men didn't scoop the poop, airbags might be coming to a bicycle near you, bloggers debated curb-stomping, and hip-hop was down with G.O.P. We looked into whether Google should give up its tax loophole, and Choire Sicha asked what people were doing with their iPads when they aren't reading magazines. Alain de Botton camped out in Heathrow, we guffawed at the economics of Seinfeld, and good luck charms work if you already believed in them. Quote for the day here, VFYW here, FOTD here, Yglesias award here, MHB here, and campaign ad of the day here.