The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew was aghast at the human rights abuses in Omar Khadr's "guilty" plea. Wikileaks offered Steve Coll a moment of clarity, but adding mayonaise to chicken shit didn't make it chicken salad, according to Tom Ricks. Andrew joined the boycott on Fox as a propaganda channel, but E.D. Kain thought Fox gave the people exactly what they wanted.

Andrew pushed back against David Brooks and Mickey Edwards on what they want Dems to learn this year, the GOP stood for one thing only, and Andrew wasn't optimistic about Gingrich's tax promises. Andrew wondered why John Heilemann didn't factcheck Palin, Sharron Angle played hide and seek with the press, sheriff Joe Arpaio gave Palin some pink underwear, and the Tea Partiers were just as elite as the people they disparage. WWII eerily paralleled Iraq today, readers didn't want to pardon Bush, and the Onion illuminated the true source of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Decriminalization may have hurt Prop 19, Thoreau wondered where all the liberal think tank support was, Kevin Williamson shot down dishonest arguments against it, and Barbara Boxer could ride Prop 19's coattails all the way to the win. It Gets Better went global, gayness doesn't die out because of genetics, it was possible to be gay and republican, and Lincoln wasn't the only gay president.

Recommended Reading

America was number one... in incarceration. Cowen expressed uncertainty, bloggers added their two cents on "curb-stomping" in the blogosphere, and we shed a tear for the end of snow days. Our wardrobes were proof of how wealthy we are, New Hampshire loved beer, and mushrooms could be the new styrofoam. Homer would have trouble not eating meat on Fridays, highbrow TV was the new elite entertainment, and too many future bartenders might be paying for higher education. Dish grammar nerds united, soy sauce took us for a ride, but loyal readers grounded us again. Apology of the day here, political ad of the day here, app of the day here, passive aggressive note of the day here, dissents of the day here, FOTD here, VFYCPAP here, VFYW here, MHB here, and VFYW contest winner #21 here.