The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew conceded ground on Helen Thomas and initiated dialogue with Goldblog on Israel, Palestine, and the chasm between. Andrew clarified his case against Juan Williams to Saletan once more, and in response to readers, gave credit to Shep Smith, vowed never to appear on Olbermann, but allowed Maddow her due. Andrew echoed Greenwald on marrying gay foreigners and how behind America really is. The Tea Party had its heart in the right place but its head was nowhere to be found. The British take on American ingratitude for what Obama has done right was spot on for Andrew. 

On the Prop 19 front, Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch deemed it the most important issue of 2010. David Boaz made the all-too-reasonable libertarian case and Andrew couldn't agree more. Ryan Tracy saw Holder's hands tied, masked gunmen with tasers served marijuana warrants in New Haven, and Ron Hill saw Republicans mellowing on the drug war. The average pot smoker (and voter) was the one who quit, the drug war wasn't colorblind, and this is what the reality of that war looked like.

Joel Wing tried to follow Iraq's sketchy financial paper trail, and Derbyshire noticed that we're only occupying two of the top five most corrupt nations. Joe Miller admitted wrongdoing and lying about it, the curb-stomper wanted an apology, and there was news of possible Democratic ballot shenanigans. Ezra didn't see divided government helping the deficit, money couldn't buy elections, and some campaign ads stunk - literally. Americans mistook America for a country more equal than it is, former bartenders with bachelor's degrees sounded off, and Josh Barro designed a better gas tax. Dana Goldstein questioned whether we could teach our kids true grit, Ebert defended Hugh Heffner and the Playboy era, readers served up another grammar lesson, and snow days ended for ease of scheduling. 

Some things just shouldn't be sexed up for Halloween, New Yorkers were scared of clown births, but the rent was so damn high that most people would accept ghosts as roommates. Moore award here, quote for the day here, campaign ad of the day here, journalistic standards for bloggers here, MHB here, VFYW here, VFY-CPAP here, and FOTD here.