The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew parsed the NYT poll on the sometimes schizophrenic opinion of voters. He also picked apart Obama's waxing and waning support for marriage equality, went another round in debating Israel-Palestine, and chastised the NYT on their double standard for torture. Andrew opened up about coming out and the remarkable Dan Choi recounted how he met his partner.

Mike Pence pledged "no compromise" with the Democrats and an ad supporting Angle's campaign proclaimed "us vs them." Chait explained the endless loop of spending and tax cuts for Republicans. Justin Wolfer hedged his bets against everyone else's bets, while admitting no one would remember either way. Rove waged war on Palin, who may have waged war on herself in her own backyard with Miller in Alaska. Obama was still the least unpopular of the Republican frontrunners, Joe Miller Halloweened Murkowski, and we tracked Sabato and Silver on the horserace here and here.

Bernstein proposed that Fox News is part of the Republican party, and readers responded to Andrew on whether liberals should appear on the channel at all. Tea Party members were not fans of Islam, according to one of their founders. Yglesias defined climate hawks, terrorists could turn to cyber offense, and Mark Lynch feared open war talks with Iran. Megan looked at a future without Warren Buffet, and Prop 19 got a polling reality check just as the national numbers were improving.

Dyed beards can be sexy, readers didn't want to do away with snow days, and a country singer serenaded weed. Ben Goldacre informed us on how we read newspapers wrong, Kevin Costner outperformed Captain Hindsight, and Annie Lowry asked if there were too many lawyers. MHB here, FOTD here, email of the day here, quote for the day here, Malkin award here, VFYW here, and GIF fun here.