The Cost Of Texting About Lady Gaga


David Galbraith guesstimates that Lady Gaga "has cost Google 10 petabytes in bandwidth [- the] same as 10,000 text messages for everyone on earth," which would cost up to 10.5 trillion dollars, using AT&T rates. Kottke takes it one step further:

The rate for SMS messaging is obscene but the real money is in ink cartridges, right?

Apparently not. HP's basic black inkjet cartridge is available at Amazon for the astounding price of $29 and will print 495 pages. Assuming 250 words per page and six characters per word (five char/word + one space), 10 petabytes of text messages would cost only $503 billion to print out (excluding paper costs, which would add ~$89 billion to the total).

Who knew that texting was more expensive than inkjet printing by a factor of 20?

(Photo: Chris Polk/Getty.)