The British Model

Peter Beinart compares the Tories to the GOP:

A few Republicans, like Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, do talk about cutting popular spending on entitlements like Medicare and Social Security, something most GOPers assiduously avoid because it would be bad for their electoral health. But virtually none, outside that strange tribe known as the Paul family, will even contemplate cutting defense spending, even though it has risen far faster than domestic non-discretionary spending since 9/11. And virtually all Republicans want to extend the Bush tax cuts, even for Mark Zuckerberg, although doing so will drain the federal coffers by $4 trillion. If Republicans want to support massive tax cuts and increased defense spending, both of which will drive America deeper into the red, that’s their choice. But can they please spare us the self-righteous claptrap about how they lie awake at night tormented because we don’t have a balanced budget?