The BLT Community

A reader writes:

Oh my friend, it has gotten so much worse than that. Surely you have seen the newest gay acronym: LGTBQA (where Q = Questioning and A=Allied). Holy crap, just call it the "Non Straight" gang and have done with it. This is the kind of actual political correctness that needs to be decried.

Another writes:

I usually use the GBLT acronym myself, because it reminds me of a really good BLT.

We just need a vowel! Another:

Another reason homophobes, or those looking to incite them, use "homosexual" is because of the sub-conscious response to the word. 

To those who say, "I don't care whom you have love, just do it in your own home," the term "homosexual" conjures images of the very thing they detest - same-sex intimacy and sex.  The very thought of two men or women experiencing the physical component of love is enough to throw the bigoted masses into hysterics. Also, ho-mo-sex-ual has so many syllables to grotesquely draw out.  With the right emphasis and accent, it just sounds dirty.


As a seminary student, while I agree with your reader's guess that the far right's use of the word "homosexual" betrays a desire to see it as only a psychological abnormality, I think it's far simpler than that for most . "Homosexual" is the word they see in their Bibles (nevermind that no word in the entire Greek and Hebrew corpus really translates as such; they don't care to hear this). "Gay" is their coworker or friend. "Homosexual" is what God despises in their minds. The same cognitive dissonance is leveled by their use of "illegal alien" instead of "the immigrant among you", which the Scriptures command us to look after with charity.