The Anti-Eisenhowerites

The neocons are starting to get antsy about the libertarian and anti-spending wing of the tea party movement:

In an op-ed to be published in the Wall Street Journal, the heads of the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Foreign Policy Initiative warn that there will not be "long-term prosperity" if the US military is "hollowed out" and can't defend the country. Although the op-ed, written by FPI's Bill Kristol, AEI's Arthur C. Brooks and Heritage's Edward Fuelner, sets up the Obama administration as its foil, the real purpose to nudge Tea Party conservatives back into line on defense spending, according to a Republican strategist who is working on the program. "We agree with them on 90 percent of things. But this last ten percent is very important," the strategist said. The op-ed is the first wave of a national political campaign that will include aggressive legislative outreach. It is organized under the umbrella of "Defending Defense."

So what else would they cut? They don't say. They never do, do they? But their cynical manipulation of deficit spending for so long has finally hit the wall.