The A-List

Mike Albo reviews the new reality TV show featuring gay men in New York City:

I suppose in some way "The A-List" is groundbreaking. The series shows that no matter what sexuality you are, you have been infected by the media-soaked bizarro world of American life in the early millennium. Like the "Real Housewives," "The Bachelor" and any other show that features hot tubs, spray tanning and mansions with curved driveways, "The A-List" takes outdated markers of glitzy life in the '00s before the financial crash and repackages them as an aspirational consumerist lifestyle we can watch from our Ikea-decorated living rooms. This time it's gay men, living in fabulous, increasingly unreal gay ghetto bubbles.

I only watch this kind of stuff on The Soup. It made me retch. The idea that this represents gay life in any conceivable fashion is preposterous; the idea that some might mistake it as such, in these times, dangerous.