So Much To Fear, So Little Time


Lila Shapiro profiles haunted house creator Timothy Haskell:

Haskell has spent the last seven years asking New Yorkers to describe their deepest anxieties via Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and on-the-street teams. Each year, he translates the results of his surveys into a haunted house. Past themes have been ghost stories, vampires, and bad dreams. This year, it's superstitions. You won't find witches, ghosts or jack-o-laterns in Haskell's house, but you will find a clown lady giving birth in graphic detail to "the biggest, fattest dude in a diaper" co-directer John Harlacher could find.

Not sure what Freudian phobia that represents, but Nightmare: Superstitions also includes "fear of being trapped (claustrophobia), fear of dolls (pediophobia), and fear of ladders (stepnophobia) -- also entomophobia, illyngophobia and sitophobia (insects, dizzyness and eating, respectively)." More phobias here.