Should Liberals Appear On Fox News? Ctd

A reader writes:

Interestingly enough, Fox Business Channel has a couple prominent shows that loosely fit your description of a Ron Paul-ish principled conservative show on which liberals should be comfortable appearing: "Stossel", with John Stossel, and "Freedom Watch", with Andrew Napolitano.  Both are essentially libertarian in slant and regularly defy the FNC conventional wisdom. I don't watch any cable news with regularity, but whenever I stop on Napolitano for a few minutes I have to double-check and make sure I'm watching Fox.  Maybe one of these shows will make it over to FNC proper at some point?  We can hope.

I think Stossel and Napolitano are both great TV and independent thinkers - not programmed Republican apparatchiks. (I also want to add what I didn't in my original post. I think Shep Smith is the exception that proves the rule.

His news show is crisp, fun, and neutral. He also has occasional opinions, but they are ways in which he humanizes the news and doesn't engage in faux objectivity. They're not propaganda like Hannity or Morris or O'Reilly. He's an emblem of what Fox could be if it regained integrity). Another writes:

MSNBC rarely invites conservatives on their programs, irrespective of whether they are "hard" or "soft" conservatives. And the idea of such hosts as Olbermann or Maddow or O'Donnell promoting anything beyond "partisan liberal propaganda" is utter foolishness. My question to you is: Are you going to boycott MSNBC, a channel on which you have previously appeared?

I think my reader is right on. I went on Olbermann once and felt a little sick afterward. But I was able to voice support for the genuine pro-life position when I was on there and defend sincere pro-lifers from being tarred with an extremist brush. I like Maddow, and take the point. No, I won't go on those shows (have never been on Maddow) for exactly the same reasons.