Should Liberals Appear On Fox News? Ctd

A reader, among many, writes:

Your blanket agreement with your reader ("MSNBC rarely invites conservatives on their programs"....) reflects poorly on what I generally perceive as your fairly careful and thoughtful approach to media critique.  First, it entirely overlooks the existence (and popularity) of Morning Joe, which simply has no equivalent on the Fox Propaganda Channel.  But it's your crack on Rachel Maddow that's really out of bounds.  Anyone who has watched her show more than once knows that she routinely invites--nay, begs--conservatives to appear on her show and debate the issues on the merits.  A few have accepted, often to their detriment (see Paul, Rand) when they realize that she is far more than an empty-headed talking head or O'Reilly-style bloviator.  That most of them refuse her invitations may be smart politics on their part--but it's still a choice.  And it's patently unfair to tar Rachel with the same brush you used on Beck, O'Reilly, et al.

Agreed on Maddow not being the equivalent of Hannity, and she is also better than Olbermann on seeking conservative guests with whom to debate (often to their detriment). I used too broad a brush. But the bias is pretty overwhelming nonetheless - and sometimes veers into suffocating smugness.