Well this is a man-bites-dog story:

A wide-ranging study of Americans’ sexual behavior, based on the largest nationally representative survey since 1992, finds that condom use is becoming the norm for sexually active teenagers. Indeed, they are more responsible than adults about using condoms, the researchers report in a study coming out on Monday.

More proof that the next generation appears saner about sex than any previous ones. The uptick in teen use is considered bad news by the Vatican, of course. I can't find if the study includes gay male teens (any help?). Then, of course, this breaking news:

The study also finds that "while most men said they had experienced orgasm the last time they had sex, and 85 percent believed their partner had also, only two-thirds of the women surveyed said they had achieved orgasm the last time they had sex."

This issue is not so common among gay men. Orgasm is not something you can really fake very well. And men tend to know men's bodies. Because, as Seinfeld had it, we have access to them 24 hours a day.

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