Reich For Sale

Robert Reich is back flogging his book on the road. He stopped to reconsider what a future of e-books and specialization will mean for the author:

The Internet has "disintermediated" books, to use biz-speak. Just as it's done elsewhere in the economy, the Internet is wiping away layers of retailers, wholesalers, and distributors ... [In the future] I'll [still] need to attract customers, and without any intermediaries between my potential customers and me, I'll be on my own. That means I'll have to sell myself like mad -- not my ideas but me. Figuratively speaking, I'll need to put myself into a national shopwindow with a big sign pointing in my direction: Robert Reich, Inc.

Get it? Disintermediation isn't the end of humiliation. It's just the beginning.

Shut up and get a blog. Then you'll know humiliation.