Rambo Goes To Washington

Democrat Joe Manchin, running for Senate in West Virginia, ups the ante:

Weigel jeers:

[H]ow does [Republican opponent] John Raese answer this? Diving at a copy of the Affordable Care Act with a flamethrower in his hand and a knife in his teeth?

Dave Roberts gives more context:

Manchin's been a popular governor, but lately he's gotten caught up in the conservative backlash and fallen behind his Republican opponent, John Raese. That's why he's flailing to the right. Dem leadership says this is a must-win race to keep control of the Senate, so they're stumping for him, but as Nate Silver says, Manchin is refudiating virtually every policy position associated with Democrats, so it's not clear what exactly they win if he wins.

PPP has a new poll out finding Manchin with a narrow lead.