Quote For The Day

"'I've read some of your writings while you've been out of government'. 'Don't ever use the words CIA and torture in the same paragraph again.... Torture is a felony, Leon. Say you don't like it. Say it offends you. I don't care. But just don't say it's torture. It's a felony.' The Justice Department had approved what the CIA did in long, detailed memos, so legally the CIA had not tortured anyone," - outgoing CIA head, Michael Hayden to his successor, Leon Panetta, according to Bob Woodward.

Legally, in utter bad faith or massive incompetence or worse-than-shoddy scholarship, they created a golden shield for the top brass, while scapegoating a few at the bottom obeying orders. But in truth, where the law means what it clearly says, legally, empirically, morally, constitutionally - Hayden, Bush, Cheney, Addington, Yoo, Bybee, Rumsfeld et al are all war criminals. Not rhetorically.

As a matter of fact. When will they be arrested and put on trial?