New York The Model

The Urbanophile reacts to the video, posted above, about New York City improvements to transit and public space:

What I’d like to highlight is how with all these initiatives, the sustainability angle is actually downplayed. If you listen to Mayor Bloomberg and Jannette Sadik-Khan talk, you hear them talking about making tangible, near term improvements in quality of life, safety, and bettering business conditions in the city. In short, it’s not about doing something to save the world or because it’s the right thing to do. It’s about doing them because they make sense for the city and New Yorkers.

Obviously New York is a unique place and these ideas can’t be lifted and dropped just anywhere. Other cities will continue to require a more prominent role for the automobile, for example. But the attitude of asking what we can do right now, today to create a safer, more livable city that is a better place to do business is one any city can take to heart. I hope America’s other metropolises are listening.