Misty-Eyed Hacks

Peggy Noonan describes her experience of DC Republicans:

The GOP establishment stayed, and one way or another lived off government, breathed in its ways and came to knowlearned all too well!the limits of what is possible and passable. Part of the social and cultural reality behind the tea party-GOP establishment split has been the sheer fact that tea partiers live in non-D.C. America. The establishment came from America, but hasn't lived there in a long time.

I know and respect some of the establishmentarians, but after dinner, on the third glass of wine, when they get misty-eyed about Reagan and the old days, they are not, I think, weeping for him and what he did but for themselves and who they were. Back when they were new and believed in something.

Did it occur to her that if the Tea Party takes back Congress, it will be these same people - the ones who are old and believe in nothing - that run the policy shops that will write their legislation, the lobbying firms that will influence their decisions, and the sundry places they will work when they are ousted from power? When the Tea Party denounces Grover Norqist's magical thinking and The Heritage Foundation as intellectually dishonest establishment hacks, it will be time to celebrate the awakening of a real small government alternative.