Malkin Award Nominee

09-29 BABES OF THE DNC CALENDAR by HumanEvents

"Certain conservative women are under attack. Why is that, you ask? ... It's not simply the fact that they are accomplished campaigners. Oh, no; in many cases, these women are despised JUST because they are HOT. And let’s face it: liberal women tend to be a bunch of hideous chuds. Now, [The Fox and Rice Experience radio show] doesn’t have many least, not people who would say so aloud.

But who would YOU rather communicate with: Monica Crowley, Andrea Tantaros, and Amanda Carpenter (three beautiful and accomplished conservative women), or Rachel Maddow (who looks like a carny that should be running the ‘Dime Pitch’ or ‘Duck Pond’ game at the traveling fair)?" - Human Events, keeping it classy.