Losing Our Nerve

A reader writes:

When did Americans, and in particular Republicans, become such wimps?  When I fly, I have to go through scanners and my luggage is scanned and/or searched before it gets on the plane.  There is also good chance there will be an air marshall on the plane.  When I fly, I am more worried about the pilot being drunk than some Muslim trying to crash the plane.  Republicans are also terrified of a cultural center in New York and many believe that Sharia law is just around the corner.

All of this scares them and requires that they blather on constantly about how "dangerous" the Islam faith has become.  Yet, they are also the party of "bring em on"; of exercising their Second Amendment rights to "fix" the current administration; and they are excited about the prospect of bombing Iran.

Another writes:

In spite of our military waging trillion dollar wars on terror to kill them over there instead of here, and in spite of Homeland Security running the most invasive search protocol ever used en mass on civilians, Juan Williams says he's nervous.  Does he have any faith at all in the efforts of those he claims to support?