Le Pen Of The West

Bryan Curtis explains how Tom Tancredo finds himself within striking distance of the Colorado statehouse:

The funny thing is, Tancredo isn’t even the Republican nominee. He’s running on the ticket of the American Constitution Party. That he’s standing on the doorstep of the governor’s mansion is due to a string of GOP implosions.

First, likely GOP nominee Scott McInnis got caught in a plagiarism scandal and fell to Dan Maes, a Tea Party-backed candidate. In short order, the Denver Post accused Maes of fudging his resume; he claimed to have worked undercover with the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Maes is now polling in the single digits...

That left Tancredo as the only viable conservative. And what a conservative! Tancredo’s campaign recalls a European anti-immigrant crusader refashioning himself as a general-election forceJean-Marie Le Pen comes to Colorado.