Keeping Your Fear-Mongering Straight

Steinglass's tip for Paladino:

Successful childraising-based anti-gay politicking generally relies on bogus claims that homosexuals are attempting to force kids to read gay-tolerant books, or the like. It's a "leave my kids alone" strategy. Mr Paladino has the strategy confused: he's gotten the wrong end of the "leave my kids alone" stick. It's none of Carl Paladino's business whether Andrew Cuomo, or any other New York parent, wants to take their kids to a gay-pride parade. Indeed, many of those New York parents are gay, and want their kids to have pride in their own families. It's Mr Paladino who comes off looking like a "very extreme-type person" here, and whatever shot he had at winning the race for governor in New York is now probably over.

Here's hoping.