Guys Who Like Guys Who Really Like Guys

A reader writes:

Regarding your post on "fag hags," is there a straight man's equivalent? In my case, I am about as straight as they get, but I find heterosexual men extremely boring to converse with. On the other hand, I absolutely love spending time with gay guys.

When my wife and I have married couples over and we get to the moment in which the wives break off into conversation and I am left alone with the man, we have almost nothing to say to each other. I hate sports, but even if we have a common interest - a TV show, a book, business - I find that the heterosexual man will talk it into the ground and my eyes doth glazeth over.

When we have a gay couple over for dinner, though, it's a par-tay. We all four talk together about everything from movies to vacations, places we'd like to visit, work, politics, whatever - sort of free-range conversation that keeps my interest going throughout the evening. I think even your blog is an extension of my love of gay guys - it's the quintessential random, eclectic, funky, rambling, erudite kind of chatter of the delightful gay dinner guest.

Another writes:

Here's the deal:  I'm not gay (wife, two kids, I love boobs, etc.), but I love all things gay -  gay friends, gay culture, gay ... well, gay everything.  It's hard to know what to make of it.  Tim Gunn?  That guy is the freaking man.  I can't get enough of him. That guy doing the lip-sync to the Surprise Party SNL thing you just recently posted?  Awesome.  The way my gay friends get excited over, say, fabulous shoes?  I love it.  I could go on forever.  So ... what am I?  Is there a term for a guy like me?  I can't get anymore straight sexually, but I just love gayness.  Seriously.  I know this might be weird, but surely you've encountered others like me.

Of course, some might say there are some usual explanations at work here. I'm a humanitarian.  I'm passionate about human rights issues and abuses.  (Gay marriage / military service being one of them, of course.)  Some might say my love for gay stuff is just a by-product of gays being the currently oppressed minority, and since I have such passion for justice, that naturally follows. 

But it's even more complicated than that; I don't fit the usual stereotypes in many ways.  I'm a  Christian. I served in the military.  I'm strongly pro-life.  Etc.  So I break the standard "intellectual, academic, east coast, liberal elite" framing that some might try to put me in.

Anyway, so the question remains:  What's the word/term/label for me and my gay love?

Fag stag? Bro-mo?