From Bars To Altars

Dan Savage responds to a reader who is critical of Dan and his husband's reference to sexual innuendo in the story of how they met:

Lots of people in stable, loving relationshipsgay, straight, bi, whatevermet their BFs, GFs, squeezes, spouses, partners, etc., in bars. People go to bars to drink, dance, flirt, and sometimes they say silly, dirty things to strangers they meet in bars. And sometimes they wind up having one-night stands as a result of saying silly, dirty shit to the strangers they meet in bars. And sometimes those one-night stands blossom into stable, loving relationships that stand the test of time.

It's wrong to assume that childrenparticularly middle and high school age childrenneed to be protected from that sort of information. They already know it. They're children, Donna, they're not idiots.