Everything You Need To Know About Palin, Ctd

Ambinder defends the Palins:

[Todd Palin] erroneously interpreted something he had heard that Miller said on Fox about whether Palin was qualified to be president.

Now, Sarah and Todd Palin obviously believe she is qualified to be president. You may not, but they do. And that's important, because Palin has every right to assume that the candidates she endorses and spends any time campaigning for would, at the very least, answer that relatively innocuous question in the affirmative. Heck, Miller upped the ante yesterday, saying that of course Sarah Palin is constitutionally qualified to be president. Constitutionally!

The Palins are thinking about a run for president. Sarah has admitted as much. No surprise. We know that both Palins prize loyalty. Miller appeared to be acting disloyal. And Todd Palin, in a moment of anger, sent an e-mail blasting him for suggesting something he didn't suggest. More revealing than Palin's e-mail is Mller's apparent disdain for Team Palin, which suggests that Miller and Palin don't really like each other and that Palin's endorsement was predicated in part on her political strategy. That's how endorsements tend to work in American politics.