Equal Opportunity Mockers

Maureen O'Connor reiterates her right to mock men and women equally, contra Virginia Congressional candidate Krystal Ball's Huffington Post piece:

Is it really sexism every time someone publishes an embarrassing picture of a woman? Maybe the person who leaked her dildo-nosed reindeer pictures was "slut-shaming" (Ball is a Democrat; the pics first surfaced on a right-wing website), but I find it insulting to my womanity that it's fine to ridicule male politicians in almost any context, but not okay to point out even the most obvious of female politicians' bloopers.

Because, c'mon, there's a dildo attached to a man's nose and between the lips of a person who wants to be in Congress. If that's not worth laughing at, what is? I'm not sure I could dream up a more embarrassing situation than a simulated sex act involving a Santa and a dildo-nosed reindeer if I tried. Until we can mock female politicians at least sometimes, there is no equality in the world.